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Sleep Away Stress


  • 1 h
  • 270 US dollars
  • Zoom Session

Service Description

In today's busy living, sleep becomes our flex time to get the rest of the days list done. Getting up earlier and going to bed later is the extension that is used to "get it all done". Often times, when we do finally get to bed, sleep is elusive and a restless night ensues. Prescriptions and over the counter drugs seem a quick fix but only add to the problem down the road. Sleep is the time when the body has the opportunity to restore and repair the body and all of the organs. I will teach you about the circadian system and how it works in the body to do this restore and repair while sleeping. I have many resources for those that have trouble going to sleep and staying asleep. Let's take a look and see what we can put together to get you that good night's sleep again!!! Stress...the silent killer, or is it? It is directly related to heart issues, adrenal and thyroid problems, digestive issues, and many others and it is not silent. We just don't talk about it enough. The body is screaming at us to slow down, rest more, eat healthily, relax, and have more fun. This is a crucial area that needs more action taken. It takes a new way of thinking and looking at life, but it can be lots of fun too. Sleep and lifestyle management do not need to cost lots of money. Let’s take some time to put into place a few new ideas that are specific to you and your everyday living. This is not hard and could save your life. Think about that for a minute...then book some time for you today!! $90 per session This is a package of 3 sessions for 1 hour for each session the will cover support materials, tracking progress, and evaluations specific to your needs. *Check your email after booking for information access to the intake and release forms prior to your appointment time.

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