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"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

~ Wayne Dyer

When I opened my eyes, I remembered that I had to breathe….and the thought came to mind,  “Do I want to”?    The voice in my head said,  “You have a choice you know.”   My body said “okay, let’s give it another try,”  and somewhere deep in my soul came “let’s do this”.


Research shows that the mind has about 60,000 thoughts a day, or around 42 thoughts a minute.  Approximately 90% of these thoughts are the same as the day before, and many are the same as last month and even years ago.  Also, 80% of these thoughts are negative thoughts!  Those are some pretty serious odds to go up against to try to make life changes.  The real kicker is that these thoughts are the same ones that we use to make our decisions.   Same old thoughts..making the same decisions  =  the same results.


 We all survive using whatever coping mechanisms we find to work.   Stuffing those thoughts all the way from childhood are housed deep down inside.  I survived a car accident that was fatal for the others, a deeply painful divorce, emergency surgery to save my life in a different country, the loss of my business, the sudden and unexpected death of my second husband, bankruptcy, and on it goes.   I survived only to find that my negative thoughts just kept building up, and on many days I caved into them.

“ You have a choice you know.”  So I choose to study the Body, Mind, and Soul.  After five years of study, I earned my degree as a Nutritional Endocrinologist Practitioner, specializing in Insulin Resistance, Thyroid and Adrenal Support, and Digestive Health. I studied how the body works down to the cellular level,  and how to better support and care for it.  I continued this support with earning my certification as a Raw Food Chef to combine the nutrition and a really great taste..  Now, this is making progress.

Janet Books

Time to learn more about the Mind.  As I mentioned, we live every moment with our thoughts.  If these thoughts land us in undesirable situations, then it would be possible to change the outcome with different thoughts.  Thoughts signal nerve connections in the brain that produce the chemicals that send the message to the rest of the body for action. Like the fight or flight response.  This information overrides the normal body functions to protect it from harm.  Let’s say that the immediate threat is your boss hollering at you in front of your coworkers.  The signal is to run fast or in this case throat punch, but you don’t and all of that energy becomes stuck inside the body while you just stand there.  Then you think about it the rest of the day.  The thoughts return that night and the next day and maybe all month.  As long as the thought of the situation is replayed, the system thinks it is in danger and holds the body there until further notice. Remember that this stress information overrides normal body functions.  This is called high blood pressure, indigestion/acid reflux, migraine headaches, insomnia, overeating, and anxiety all of which lead to complications if the body does not change the thoughts that send the same message.

Take a look at the options I have for you.  I am not a doctor.  I do not diagnose or prescribe.  What I do is offer educational information that you can apply to your specific thoughts. Sign up for the free consultation and see how it works.  Then try it out. This program begins exactly where you are, at your speed, on the day you want to start.  You will be able to experience fine-tuning your nutrition, sleep, and stress, along with the awareness of your thoughts to achieve the freedom to choose the lifestyle you dreamed of living.


Janet Books is a kind and compassionate person. It was wonderful to work with her and learn some of her strategies. I was calmer and more present after each session. Highly recommend!!!

- M. Lytton


30-Minute Free Consultation

You talk...I listen!

This is the time for you to list all the things you want in your life and those that you do not. Then we customize your plan to bring that life you always dreamed of to you.


Let's Take a Look

Are You in Deep Weeds with Your Health?

Lab reports are a snapshot of what is chemically going on inside your beautiful body. This educational information covering the top 3 markets in need of attention will help you with health support. Further assessments for deeper work can be scheduled.

One Hour and 30 Minutes - $150


The 10 Session Trip

Let's Do This!

This is where the 60,000 thoughts a day are examined by you and deemed whether they are what you want to continue dictating your life. Every experience from birth is a record in the subconscious and used to make every decision. Years of emotions stuffed deep down and stored come into every decision; when repeated, you have the same predictable future. Stop these same results! Once you observe what is happening, you take control.  It is basic and intense at the same time and takes practice.

10 One-Hour Sessions - $1,200

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 9.35.52 AM.png

Testing The Water

Come Try IT Out!!

This is a safe place for you to relax and experience how this thought-transforming process feels. When a paradigm or behavioral program is running 24/7 in your head, the chance of living the dream is reduced and the sustainability is infinitesimal. Depression, stress, health issues, and bad relationships live in the depths of the past. Learn o to move into the future to live a life full of love and joy.

One Hour - $85


Sleep Stress Away

Regain a Blissful Night's Sleep

Stress and lack of sleep are the real silent killers. Today, sleep time becomes our flex time to get the list done. When we finally get to bed, sleep is often elusive with a restless night ensuing. Prescriptions/over-the-counter products add to the problem. learn about the circadian system, cortisol, adrenals, and natural systems to regain a blissful night's sleep.

Two One-Hour Sessions - $150


Single Session Refresh

Perfect When You Just Need a Tune-Up

This is perfect for a little tune-up when an issue pops up, as it will for the rest of your life. There is a lifetime of well-honed stories and stuck energy to sort out with a little help.

One Hour - $150

The balance of daily life functions and daily life thoughts is truly the choice. Make those choices about your weight, energy level, anger outbursts, depression, relationships actually stick this time. This program begins exactly where you are, at your speed, on the day and time that you want to do the work.

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Questions, comments, and scheduling a session.  Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively, fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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